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on demand warehousing


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on demand warehousing


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5 Key Reasons Why Your Company Needs Professional Logistics Management Services

The most successful companies in all industries are applying strict logistics management principles in every compartment of their operations. Nothing is left to change or left out of scrutiny when it comes to evaluating how the transportation and logistics costs impact the company’s budget and how much waste the company generates through its manufacturing and distribution activities. If your company is trying to reduce logistics cost, but it has not yet reached the desired level of’ supply chain optimization, here are the top five reasons why you should consider hiring a professional logistics management company:

  1. Reduce Logistic Cost by 50%: Given the previous experience of professional logistics companies in dealing with clients, they estimate that implementing lean manufacturing, sustainable packaging and logistics principles helps them reduce their overall costs with logistics by half. The implementation of logistics management procedures involves everything from rethinking the way products are handled, packaged and stored to the implementation of automated manufacturing systems.
  2. Reduce The Quantity of Waste: Companies generate a lot of waste – some of which they are not aware of, because it is their end client’s job to recycle one-way packages. One of the key elements of logistics management is reducing costs and creating sustainable packaging solutions which are reliable, reusable and help both the company and its clients reduce the quantity of waste generated by the activity.
  3. Apply Lean Manufacturing Principles: Besides reducing the quantity of waste, lean manufacturing focuses on increasing productivity, minimi7ing lost time due to unnecessary handling of products from the assembly line to the warehouse and then to the shipping trailers. This logistics management principle which originated in Japan is now the backbone of many successful companies which have implemented strategic work procedures to help employees be more efficient in their work and to help promote a corporate culture based on collaboration and open sharing of ideas.
  4. Improve Your Company’s Image among Clients: Companies which managed to optimize their logistics and supply chain management and reduce their overall logistic cost will reduce the manufacturing costs of their products. Thus, they can offer to their clients more competitive prices and stay ahead of their competition. Adequate logistics management is not only about cutting costs, but also staying successful and relevant in an ever increasing competitive business environment.
  5. Earning More Goodwill for Your Company: In today’s business environment a positive public image is the key to attract valuable partnerships and endorsements from industry thought leaders. This goodwill can bring to your company the kind of exposure it needs to convince potential clients to do business with you. By implementing the right logistics management and supply chain optimization principles, your company will promote the image of a modern and adaptable business which cares for its clients and the environment and promotes a solid and sustainable business model.


  • There are nearly 3.5 million truck drivers moving freight across the U.S., which means that one out of every 15 people working in the U.S. is employed by the trucking industry.
  • The logistics industry is actually made up of six different sectors: road transport, rail, aviation, maritime, warehousing and storage.

If your company is trying to reduce logistics cost but it has not yet reached the desired level of supply chain optimintion, here are the top five reasons why you should consider hiring a professional logistics management company.

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